Field Hockey

Name Coach:
Sjoerd Marijne
Technical & Tactical Training
Training Drill:
Tactical & Inspirational

Subject to availability

FIH Coach of the year 2021 and formal coach of India and the Netherlands women’s team. He now has 30 years of experience in training players at national and international level and always gets the best out of every player.

Sjoerd Marijne had a dream to win a medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo with the women’s hockey team of India. He did not win a medal but something much bigger, namely the hearts of all Indians and he inspired 1.3 billion people. They saw a team that didn’t win a game at the Rio Olympics and now finished 4th and made history for India.

His story is not only how to achieve your dream goal, but it is also a story of how to push yourself in difficult times like we are all going through right now. He was locked up in the training center for a year and a half. Here you were not allowed to go outside, but every day he made the best out of it, because he had a dream and the willpower to realize this dream.

The 3 hours sessions starts with a hockeys session were he will be focused on skills and how to use them in tactical situations. In this outdoor session Sjoerd will help you to improve your basic skills with challenging exercises.

In his lecture, Sjoerd Marijne, based on his passion and drive, takes along how he has approached this process and how you can get the best out of your environment and create a culture within your team that increases the chance of success.

Holland Elite Clinics are always Subject to Availability.


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