Introducing the Novio Talent Cup: Our Latest U16 Football Tournament

We are excited to announce the first Novio Talent Cup for U16 teams, an annually recurring tournament. The tournament, initiated by Amir Hashemi from Bridge Sports Connect (BSC) and our director, Jeroen Gösgens, will spotlight U16 professional academies and will take place on the first weekend of June 2024 at Complex de Eendracht, next to Stadium the Goffert, NEC Nijmegen’s home ground.

BSC will handle the overall organization of the tournament, while Holland Elite will be responsible for arranging all the participating teams. Teams will go exclusively through Holland Elite to participate in the event. Holland Elite has a history of organizing quality tournaments and is connected to a wide network of international academies.

Tonny Pijnappels, manager of DFDS – N.E.C. Voetbalacademie, shares: “An international tournament at De Eendracht provides us with the opportunity to offer our players a unique sporting experience. Additionally, it allows us as a club to put N.E.C. and its Football Academy on the international map, which will ultimately have a positive spin-off for N.E.C.”

The Novio Talent Cup is an exciting opportunity for young players to showcase their skills in football, and the collaboration ensures a well-organized and competitive event. The partnership highlights our commitment to providing opportunities for youth development in football.

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